Explore 11 Adorable Nail Trends for a Stylish Spring & Sizzling Summer 2024!

Bring out the mimosas, hot girl summer is approaching. The following spring nail trends are my top picks for the upcoming season. Here’s to making your next mani-pedi your best one yet. 🥂

From cool updates on the French mani to the shape everyone will be wearing, I’m sure there’s something here for everyone.

After all, there are about 13 weeks in summer; which gives you 13 excuses to mani-fest different looks with the season’s trendiest nails.

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Let’s dive right in!

I’ve been seeing these three nail colors everywhere. Simple, sophisticated, and go well with any outfit.

An elegant twist to this season’s biggest trend – only these nails will match all of the outfits in your closet.

Who doesn’t love a good nude? We love this neutral shade for any season, especially for summer.

The early 2000s-inspired aesthetic is extending to nails, with smiley faces, hearts, fruits, yin & yang symbols taking up residence on tips.

Get on cloud 9 with these immensely dreamy cloud nail art designs.

Who needs a bouquet when you can carry flowers around on your fingers all day? Combine flowers and greenery with a neutral base coat to create this beautiful nature-inspired nail art design.

Pastel nails may bring to mind country club sweaters and Easter egg hunts, but they don’t have to be so predictable.

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By now, you’ve definitely heard of ombré hair, but what about ombre nails? Yep — you can ombre your manicure, too.

Squiggles, doodles, wavy lines, whatever you’re inclined to call it, they’re the fun new way to add a little something extra to your mani without needing a professional.

Which one of these spring nail trends are you trying next? Let us know below

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