Enormous Python Entrapped After Raiding Farmer’s Livestock Enclosure

Giant python trapped after eating farmer’s livestock

The clip was shared on the social network Reddit, showing a large reticulated python trapped after crawling into a farmer’s barn to eat goat meat. The clip is said to have been filmed in India.

Trăn khổng lồ bị mắc kẹt sau khi vào chuồng ăn thịt gia súc của nông dân

Giant python trapped after eating farmer’s livestock (Video: Reddit).

The clip shocked the online community because of the python’s huge size.

The reticulated python is one of the largest pythons and the longest reptile in the world, with an average length of more than 6m, with individuals reaching a length of up to 9 or 10m, although very rare.

Like other python species, reticulated pythons are non-venomous and hunt by wrapping their bodies around their prey and squeezing them to death. Even without venom, reticulated pythons are still strong enough to kill and eat adult humans.

There have been many recorded cases of adults being attacked and eaten by reticulated pythons.

The mother wild boar was negligent, causing her baby to be attacked and killed by an eagle

One moment of neglect and not paying attention to the mother pig’s small cubs caused the animal to pay a very high price.

Accordingly, the clip was recorded by a tourist at the Kruger Nature Reserve (South Africa), showing the moment a herd of wild boars ran on the road. Noticing the absence of the mother wild boar, a Martial eagle quickly swooped down to attack and kill a baby wild boar.

Mother wild boar was negligent, causing her baby to be attacked and killed by an eagle (Video: Krugers).

The young wild boar tried to fight back, but did not have enough strength to escape from the sharp claws of the eagle.

This Martial eagle, when it discovered that the mother wild boar had returned, immediately flew up into a tall tree to hide, leaving the body of the baby wild boar lying on the ground. When it felt safe, the eagle returned and carried the piglet’s body up to the tree to enjoy its meal.

The Martial Eagle is the largest hunting eagle in Africa, with a body length of 78 to 96cm, a wingspan of 188 to 260cm and can weigh from 3 to 6kg.

This is also one of the strongest raptors in the world and has almost no enemies in nature. This eagle can hunt and eat many different types of animals, from birds, reptiles (including venomous snakes and large African rock pythons) or even mammals. …

The mischievous panda made the alarm sound and then ran away in panic

The humorous situation was recorded by a tourist when he visited the zoo in Harbin city (China), showing the moment a panda named Tieu Giai was trying to open the latch of the cage door to escape. .

The mischievous panda made the alarm sound and then ran away in panic (Video: Weibo).

However, Tieu Giai’s actions caused the alarm bell to ring. This panda was startled when he heard the bell, immediately stopped his “destructive” actions, then ran away in panic.

Panda Tieu Giai’s humorous reaction made witnesses laugh.

The boy reacted extremely quickly, avoiding the cobra’s peck

Surveillance cameras at a restaurant in the city of Betul (India) recorded a heart-stopping moment when a young man entering the restaurant’s yard almost stepped on a cobra crawling across the yard. .

The moment the boy reacted extremely quickly, avoiding the cobra’s peck (Video: Twitter).

The snake immediately launched a peck to defend itself, but luckily the boy reacted extremely quickly, avoiding this deadly peck. The boy immediately ran away inside, while the snake still raised its head threateningly.

The owner of the restaurant called the rescue team to ask to capture the snake. The animal was then released in an area away from human habitation.

Hungry wolves recklessly steal food from grizzly bears

Seeing a grizzly bear sleeping after enjoying a meal, a wolf silently approached, hoping to steal what was left of the grizzly bear’s meal.

Hungry wolves recklessly steal food from grizzly bears (Video: Roaring Earth).

It seems that the wolf in this situation was so hungry that it had to risk stealing food from the grizzly bear. However, before the wolf could carry out his plot, the grizzly bear woke up. Of course, wolves cannot compare with grizzly bears in terms of strength, forcing wolves to run away to save their lives.

Cat was burned because she was curious about playing with a burning candle

The humorous clip captures the moment a cat named Manman couldn’t resist his curiosity when he saw the flame from a scented candle lit in the room. This cat continuously uses his paw to try to touch the fire.

Cat burned because she curiously played with a burning candle (Video: Jukin).

Initially, Manman had no problem with the fire. However, after touching the fire a few times, Manman was burned. This cat was startled, brought its paw to its mouth to lick and express pain.

Surely this will be a memorable lesson for Manman not to dare play with fire in the future.

The leopard suddenly received a “gift” falling from the sky

The leopard, while carrying the “trophy” after a hunting trip up a tree, accidentally dropped its prey, hitting another leopard wandering below. Of course, this leopard did not miss the “gift” falling from the sky and quickly took its prey elsewhere.

The leopard suddenly received a “gift” falling from the sky (Video: Twitter).

The lion ambushed and killed the wild boar

Two female lions were waiting in ambush in the bushes, waiting for the wild boar to pass by and immediately rushed out to attack. Even though the wild boar ran at full speed, it still could not escape the terrifying predators.

Lion ambushes, kills wild boar (Video: TikTok).

The zebra struggled, trying to find a way to escape among the hungry hyenas

Surrounded and attacked by a pack of hyenas, the zebra struggled to find any way to escape. However, in front of bloodthirsty predators like hyenas, the unfortunate zebra did not have any chance to survive.

Zebra struggles, looking for a way to escape among the hungry hyenas (Video: Instagram).

The moment a baby monkey lovingly kisses the mother monkey’s cheek makes many people “melt”

The clip capturing the beautiful moment of mother-child love between a mother and her monkey went viral after being posted on social networks.

The moment a baby monkey lovingly kisses the mother monkey’s cheek makes many people “melt” (Video: Douyin).

The clip was recorded by a tourist while visiting the nature park at Qianling Mountain (Guizhou Province, China), showing the moment the baby monkey suddenly stood up and gave his mother a loving kiss. bib on cheek.

In response to the baby monkey’s display of affection, the mother monkey also hugged her baby affectionately and then fed the baby monkey with milk.

Tourists were very excited to witness with their own eyes the moment of mother and child expressing motherly love.

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