Embrace the Wild West Vibe: Meet Me, the Tattooed Cowgirl Who Brings the Hoedown Fever Everywhere!

A Canadian cowgirl, who grew up in the heart of rodeos, has become a TikTok sensation with an impressive 1.6 million followers.

Keaton Belle, also known as Notsick3, has carved out her own unique space on the platform by combining her love for Rock and Roll Rodeo, daring skateboard tricks, tattoo modelling, and running a custom streetwear fashion online shop.

Keaton’s story started in a small town in British Columbia, where she had a childhood full of adventures. “It was pretty sick,” she remembered. “I grew up in a small town with my siblings and parents.

“We would chill at the lake in the summer and snowboard in the winter. I was riding horses and competing in rodeos from a young age. Nowadays, I tend to rock and roll a bit more. But I still love a good hoedown.”

Keaton Belle poses in a bikini in front of some mountains
Fans go wild for her tattoos and unique look (Image: Cover Images/Keaton Belle)

She began her online journey in 2019, wowing audiences with her amazing skateboarding skills and original content. By 2020, her TikTok account had reached an impressive milestone, crossing the one million follower mark.

As her fan base kept growing, she smoothly moved into entrepreneurship, using her growing social media presence to boost her online store to new heights.

With a keen sense for variety, Belle transformed her online store into a hot spot selling everything from unique makeup to super cool skateboards and even hip keychains. Plus, with its separate Instagram account, it’s become a popular marketplace with her loyal fan club.

Keaton Belle poses for a photo
She boasts 1.6million followers on TikTok (Image: Cover Images/Keaton Belle)
Keaton Belle poses for a photo in lingerie
The stunner often wows with her sizzling snaps (Image: Cover Images/Keaton Belle)

Belle’s tattoo modelling journey is another fascinating part of her life story. She explained how her tattoos have given her confidence and let her accept who she is as a person.

“When I started getting tattooed, I was worried it would put me in a box,” she confessed. “But the more I got, the more I got to be myself, and it’s really cool being seen for who you are.”

Her body is adorned with a mix of tattoos, from a bat on her shoulder to a bottle of poison on her arm. And as well as being popular on TikTok, Keaton is also popular OnlyFans model, and has found success by being authentic across all platforms.

Her personal style is a captivating blend of Rock and Roll and Rodeo influences. She even incorporates these elements into her brand NS3XD, which combines rodeo imagery and aesthetics with skateboarding-inspired products.

Being in the public eye, Keaton has faced both admiration and criticism. However, she has learned to stay true to herself despite online scrutiny.

Keaton Belle poses for a photo
She’s also known for her daring skateboard tricks and for running a custom streetwear fashion online shop (Image: Cover Images/Keaton Belle)
Keaton Belle poses for a photo
Keaton also sells racy content on OnlyFans (Image: Cover Images/Keaton Belle)

“Early on, when social media started to pop for me, the comments would get me down,” she admitted. “But nowadays, I just try to be me because everyone will have opinions.”

Looking ahead, Keaton has exciting plans for her brand and her personal journey. “Last year, I released two different skate shoes through NS3XD and plan on dropping more this year, including clothing, accessories, and more sneakers,” she revealed.

“This year, I plan to travel the world and make content for OnlyFans and my brand.”

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