Elevate Your Style: Captivating Back Tattoo Ideas and Designs Tailored for Women.

A woman’s back is a very attractive part of her body. Many women consider it the largest canvas on their body, making it the most suitable place for back tattoo designs.

The Popularity of Back Tattoos

Back tattoos have become popular among women since early 2000. In the past, women with these tattoos were considered rebels but today, they are referred to as the epitome of cool style and culture. The popularity of back tattoos for women is at an all-time high.

Over the years, they have improved in color, detail, and expansive imagery. According to statistics in recent years, for the first time, more women are tattooed than men. A higher percentage of these women have tattoos on their back.


In the past, women’s tattoos were defined as chavvy, common and tasteless. On the other hand, men’s tattoos were all about allegiance to a gang, subculture, family, and faith.

However, this recent change in culture has associated women’s back tattoos with sexual attractiveness. A majority of women associate their ink with sentimental values.

Whether it is vertical quotes, a hummingbird or a dream catcher, back tattoos for women are considered highly stylish. They are best for women who do want to flaunt their tattoos. Butterflies and tribal tattoos are always a popular choice among women.

Here are Amazing Examples of Back Tattoos for Women


One of the best back tattoo ideas, it resembles stained glass windows like an artistically empowered medieval piece of architecture. This is combined with the lining patterns at its ends, a powerful bi-colored spiral in the middle of your back giving extra movement to the piece of art and powerful finish with delicate lines on the buttocks.


A beautiful open pink rose, which is granted a little bit of darkness by stains of black ink that are spared through its stem and above the rose while leaking a small drip of black which goes down the beauty of your


This is a realistically shaped piece, and an amazing back tattoos idea where two birds play gently over a place of flowers which born from your low back, presenting a delicate and elegant view which resemblance peace and nature while giving detailed reality to the art.


A full-length back tattoo design which starts with a 5-leaf crown on your neck, followed by a phrase printed in a font that matches the somewhat tribal-Hindu geometric patterns on the middle of the back. This is followed by a frame of roses and skulls and finally ends with a realistic skull decorated with a necklace in the middle of the low-back, surrounded by two great sketch roses.


A cardinal axis in black ink located in your upper back, which lies over a stain of vivid colors in a purple scale, creating the sense of life and freedom. This is decorated with a phrase that matches the freedom of the design in both meaning and form making it a cool example of back tattoos for girls.


A simple but meaningful design shaping an Asian styled lotus with different patterns for every pair of its side leaves. It also presents a specially lined pattern on the center giving it the feeling of brightness. It is located in the middle of your back and decorated with black crescent dots towards it in the top and the bottom of the art.


Single vivid pink roses are always good tattoo ideas for women. This design counts with an increasing number of leaves from the bottom of its stem to the area near the flowers head. This piece is elegant and reflects beauty, the head of the flower is located just in entrance of the neck making the art go through your middle back.


A more free styled piece of art, which creates a frame of art and patterns through your middle back, followed by a tribal-Hindu flower with sketched star patterns in its center, and crowned above with a piece that reaches your shoulders and rises in your neck with an opened spiral flower.


This piece begins with a cluster of flowers in each shoulder including open flowers and some buttons, in the middle of your upper back and just below your neck is the stem, decorated with many leaves and new born flowers. All this printed in a sketch-like design.


This is a piece of art that includes a sketch-styled Hindu Mandala flower, representing eternity and life. This is created with equal patterns for effects of symmetry and is located in your upper back, centered just below your neck in perfect proportions.


With the sense of darkness and mystery, this art shapes a realistic tree without a single leaf on it. As death is reflected, it occupies the whole height of your back, from the lower part to your shoulders while reaching almost every part of your upper back.


The drawing of a single rose, open, with a petal just about to fall. The shades play through the draw giving some light and life to the flower that is elegantly and gently placed in the center of your upper back.


A semi-realistic piece of back tattoos for women that is born from the patterns on the neck. It resembles a net decorated with petals that contain leaf-lines and spiral patterns. It goes from the shoulder to the middle of the back on the opposite side.


Here is the hyper realistic image of the woman at a masquerade, with a luxuriously detailed mask, who is holding two white roses in her hands. It is framed by patterns of bubbles, mist and black butterflies giving her an air of mystery.


A full-length flower bud, that goes through the whole back. It is beautifully presented in pastel green and pink colors, and decorated with delicate monarch butterflies in strong blue and orange tones adding beauty and life to the image.


Buddha’s face art which goes through the whole wide and length of your back. It is presented in a hyper realistic style, with a decorative cloth resembling an aura which flows from the bottom of the composition accompanied by small spiral flowers.


A beautifully made set of blue butterfly wings in a hyper realistic style, the lights over the wings and the shadows under giving the sense of them to be separated from your body as if they were real, making this a perfect piece, with a touch of magic.


This is the hyper realistic image of an Egyptian queen, framed with a background made with flower patterns. It has an excellent finish in terms of the features of her face and the shadows, as well as the details of the crown and the snake that is born as decorative jewel of it and the accessories on her neck.


A powerful and beautiful set of three roses placed on the bottom of your back, which are followed by two large stems full of leaves that grow from them in a curve, framing the clear center of your back. All this presented in a black and white realistic style.


A beautiful pair of pink lilies, painted in a bright set of colors with a hyper realistic style and a set of shadows that makes their stems look like coming out of the skin giving a natural sense of life to the image making it stand out among most tattoos ideas.


This elegant and sensual design features four Jamaica flowers, located on one side of the back. Their petals are colored with soft tonalities that degrade between Violet and salmon, while the leaves are presented in vivid green tones.


A fine-line worked design of two flowers. It presents a open flower head in the center and a bottom that lies just behind and a little bit above the first one. It appears in traditional shades of violet with shadows that give life to the image and is surrounded by delicate thin, black colored lines finished in spirals.


Here is a set of geometric patterns in soft lines that covers the entire back. It shows salient combinations that are born from the shoulders towards the center of the back, and a closed design that is born from the center and closes in a stem whose last leaf is at the end of the back. While presenting a wing, this matches with the rest of the image at the right side of the lower back.


Here is a perfectly symmetrical and coupled art that combines the style of geometric patterns with Hindu inspirations. This one occupies in diamond form a set of floral patterns that extends from the crown of flowers of the neck until descending in a single stalk of flower, radiating a sensual mystery and attraction.


A beautiful pair of angel wings in black and gray style, cobbled with realism and soft lines. The size of the feathers is increased as the drawing lowers down the back to give the sense of the wings being separated from the body.


This back tattoo is subtle and classy and features a combination of texts and two birds in flight. The birds perfectly embody the representation of a free spirit while the words can be thought of as a display of free speech. The flowing lines give it a very natural yet sophisticated look.


This is one of those back tattoos that is minimalistic in approach and is suitable for those who do not want to be covered in ink. A floral design inspired by medieval art forms, this tattoo will perfectly suit any backless dress and will add that extra bit of sophistication to your look.


This is one of those back tattoo ideas that perfectly mix the old with the new. The bold placement combined with an Indo-Persian pattern with a modern touch makes it a great option for those willing to accentuate their backs in a daring manner.


This back tattoos idea combines bold floral patterns with gothic artistry and that makes for an amazing combination of beauty and sensuality. It is a lot of ink and suited for those who believe in expressing themselves using their bodies.


A very popular back tattoo design is the geometric pattern inspired by some tribal tattoos. This showcases such a patterning. It has a nice flowing look and there is a lot of depth and loads of detailing to mesmerize anyone who beholds it.


One of the great back tattoos for girls, its sharp edges, and incorporation of late Saxon elements make it an in your face sort of design. The multiple lines and symmetrical shape lend it a very unique but seasoned look and is meant for girls wanting to show off a certain level of maturity.


When it comes to back tattoos for women, few design elements are more suitable than a simple yet graceful floral motif and this is a great example of that. It achieves the perfect compromise between subtlety, sensuousness, and elegance.


A very inspirational work of art, this depiction of the flowers rising above the maze of branches and leaves will perfectly match a fighter who never gives up and is looking for tattoos ideas that flaunt this determination and the will power to overcome all odds.


Another route to go when considering tattoo ideas for women is to go off the beaten path and this does just that. Featuring a timepiece growing out of the roots of a tree and surrounded by butterflies, it celebrates being a female while also reminding how fleeting time is.


This one is for the animal lovers and nature lovers in general. The components of this tattoo compliment the female form while promoting a love for the surroundings and other living things. It captures the feelings and sentiments of being a woman exceptionally well.


Inspired in part by Viking artistry and in part by Egyptian mythology, this particular work of art is the perfect companion and mode of expression for those who want to grow wings and fly off. A great demonstration of dreaming big.


A must-have composition for any nature and art lover, this tattoo perfectly captures the mood and beauty of an undisturbed paradise. It is meant for the seasoned tattoo wearer and those who are willing to show off their entire backs as the tattoo only comes to life when fully revealed.


This ornamental version draws the fine line between being completely covering the back and being minimalistic. It is prominent but not too bold and that imparts it a sense of refinement and jaded look that goes well with a fiercely independent personality.


This one takes the cake when it comes to being sensual. The barely-there segments of this tattoo when combined together give it a very uptown look while being highly exciting to those lucky enough to set their eyes on this master class.


For the connoisseurs of the horror genre, this tattoo is a great way of exhibiting that taste. It makes the skin to appear like a corset that has been tied around a skeleton. The attention to detail and creativity make it a very cool and disenchanted look.


A shout out to the bold patterning of ornamental motifs and the grace of a floral plan, this one is for those who have different faces to their personality and can be cool and calm one moment and fiery and enthusiastic another moment.


Peacocks are said to be the perfect embodiment of being cunning yet balletic and that is what this tattoo signifies as well. Featuring a great combination of red, blue and green, it is extremely stimulating to look at and is a perfect statement of a woman’s beauty and intelligence.


A superb illustration of form, beauty, symmetry, and complexity, this design is meant for those who have many complex layers in that personality just like this tattoo has many intricate patterns woven into each other, the end result of which is magnificent.


Borrowing elements from the traditional Japanese form of tattooing, this representation of a catfish is beautiful but not in an obvious sort of manner and is perfectly in tune with those whose characters cannot be read immediately and time is needed to be invested to understand them.


If vibrancy and simplicity are what you are looking for then this is an excellent selection for you. It is very conservative in its shape but is exploding in liveliness with its color palette. If you are a colorful personality who does not want to get too much ink then this is what you are looking for.


This one screams suave. The small font used in the lettering and the thin lines that make up the central artwork make it very easy on the eyes without compromising on its refined nature. Well suited for the jet set and laid back woman with a dash of queeny aura.


A more traditional look that tries to imitate a big chunky ornament usually worn by royalty from the past, this tattoo is an exhibition of the intricacies involved in the art form of those royal dignitaries and lends you an air of elegant sophistication.


This one can be interpreted in two ways. One is the waxing and waning of a woman’s emotion comparable to the phases of the moon and the other is the constant struggle between the light and the dark and if that describes your life and your motivations then go for this ingeniously masterful option.


For those who find themselves constantly submerged in the thoughts of the universe and the higher powers and would like to visualize these complex trains of thought, then few patterns can do the job as well as this one. The rich colors and the highly complicated shapes make for a great illustration.


This one is for those who do not want to showcase their entire back but would still like to sport a cool tattoo. It is delicate and simple yet exudes a high degree of sensuality and perfectly complement a casual off-shoulder dress and a laid back attitude.

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