Elevate Your Spring Vibes with 11 Adorably Chic Pastel Nail Art Inspirations

Pastel nails may bring to mind cute spring dresses and Easter egg hunts, but they don’t have to be so predictable. The pastel mani got a revamp this year (2023) & today I’m sharing all of the ridiculously cute manis I found online that will send you RUNNING to your nearest nail tech.

If you’re on a budget, don’t panic. Plenty of the following designs can easily be replicated at home with a simple dotting tool.

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Pastel perfection if ever I saw it… This adorable take on the classic french is sure to garner a few compliments.

They definitely understood the assignment. I’m obsessed with these cute floral pastel manis. I’m also 99.9% sure my grandma had a duvet cover with these colors and this pattern, but how cute does it look on these nails.

Lilac is having its moment & looks incredible on darker skin tones.

Nails don’t get any cuter than this pink pastel tip set. Is anyone else getting strong Limited Too vibes from this? I definitely had a cropped tee with this exact color scheme and design on it in junior high.

Mix up your pastel mani with mini heart details, you won’t regret it.

Switch out your typical French mani and opt for cute little animal details next time.

There’s nothing not to like about pop art dots in pastel colors.

Show your long nails some pastel love with a set like this. I’m in love.

These orange and red tones are ideal for spring and summer.

For those days when you can’t decide on just one color, try all of them This minimalistic & subtle mani is a great way to celebrate spring without going overboard.

I’ve been seeing the return of this psychedelic print in fashion lately, & I couldn’t be more pleased to see that it’s now being incorporated in nail art.

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