Djokovic parts ways with coach Ivanisevic: Champion opts for a fresh start on his own.

Before an already strange start to the season, without a title as of the end of March (only three times this has happened in his career: 2006 when he was a teenager; 2018 return from a neck injury hand; 2022 will hardly compete because he refuses to get vaccinated against Covid-19), Novak Djokovic has just created a new surprise.

On Wednesday, the world number 1 tennis player announced his separation from coach Goran Ivanisevic. “We decided to stop working together a few days ago” .

Djokovic parted ways with coach Ivanisevic

Djokovic explained on social networks about the relationship that transcends sports : “Our reactions on the court have had ups and downs, but our friendship has always been strong.

In fact, I am proud to say that in addition to winning tournaments thanks to him, we also had dueling battles in Parcheesi (a form of chess) for many years. And that tournament never stops for us.”

Djokovic’s decision was a move that surprised many, but this is an extension of the strategy he has been implementing for two years now, when he began replacing key figures on his team.

First, Nole said goodbye to the most influential coach in his career: Marian Vajda. This is even considered a sports dad.

“Even though Marian will leave the team, he will always be family,” Nole explained that day. A few months later, at the end of 2022, the Serbian star confirmed the departure of Ulises Badio, the “magic hand” that brought him back to the top when he was lost and lost his desire.

Badio was trusted by Nole when he agreed to acupuncture (when he himself did not want any intervention in his body), as well as entrusted him with the job of cutting hair. They were originally soul friends.

Nole has faced many difficulties since the beginning of the year

Last year, Edoardo Artaldi and Elena Cappellaro, the married couple who directed the entire economic plan (starting in 2011), left Djokovic’s team.

Now the person walking is Ivanisevic, a serving expert, the Wimbledon champion with the lowest ranking in history (in 2001, when ranked 125 in the world).

Djokovic finds new motivation

Although there were no outward disagreements, erosion became apparent recently.

After Djokovic won the 2023 Australian Open, Ivanisevic expressed that coaching him is like “leading Real Madrid” , because “you need to have pressure” , and “if you don’t win 1 or 2 games, they will fire you” .

Then, in June of the same year, Nole’s success at Roland Garros was accompanied by statements that Ivanisevic made: “Novak is not a pleasant guy, let’s put it that way. But their purpose is I’m here to step back and take the fight. Let him feel and perform better. Sometimes it’s not easy.”

Ivanisevic is behind 12 of Nole’s 24 Grand Slams

Ivanisevic half-joked in Paris, when asked about the feeling every time Djokovic returned to the team’s technical area and shouted: “Actually, this is very complicated. Novak tortured us, he pulled out his claws. our hands. There’s more, I can’t tell you… But we’re still here, we’re still alive” .

In Turin, late last year, the Croatian coach gave a speech to journalists clearly describing Nole’s special personality.

There, after losing to Jannik Sinner in the second group match and on the verge of being eliminated from the ATP Finals, Djokovic disappeared from the arena.

“Tuesday night ended late. By Wednesday, we hadn’t seen him all day. We didn’t know what was going on until Thursday. We were in the locker room and didn’t know if we would have to go home or warm up because there is a match with Hurkacz” , Ivanisevic expressed.

“But who am I to be angry with him? Novak is better than ever. He just makes me angry when he yells at us for no reason. He is the best and always wants more” “ .

From there, according to the Serbian press, things became complicated. In Melbourne earlier this year, the attrition continued and Indian Wells marked a significant step backward.

Something has broken. After his ambition to win an 11th Australian Open was blocked in the semi-finals, Djokovic suffered one of the most inexplicable defeats of his career in California: to 18-year-old Luca Nardi, ranked 123rd in the world and less than 10 elite matches.

Immediately after leaving Indian Wells, Nole resigned from playing the Miami Open. He stayed with his wife and children to reflect, walk on the beach and analyze.

Another important decision was made. Ivanisevic left the team after 6 years, with the aim of perfecting his ability to serve the player with the most Grand Slams in history.

Djokovic will enter a new phase after restructuring his team

Djokovic and Ivanisevic won 12 Grand Slams : 4 Australian Opens, 2 Roland Garros, 4 Wimbledons and 2 US Opens. Together, they also won 10 Masters 1000 and 2 ATP Finals.

The king of tennis believes that his present requires another stimulus that allows him to face challenges from the younger generation, notably Carlos Alcaraz and Sinner.

About to turn 37 (May 22), Nole said he wants to spend more time with his family and choose a competition schedule to stay in shape.

According to Sport Klub media, this week he was seen on the slopes of a jungle in Belgrade with Nenad Zimonjic, the famous doubles player with whom Nole has a close friendship, retiring from 2021.

“There’s a part of me that’s a fierce competitor, but at the same time, I’m trying to enjoy myself more off the track. Maybe I’m a bit robotic,” Nole expressed at Indian Wells .

Now, after parting ways with Goran, he focuses on preparing for other adventures starting from clay.


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