Discovering the Unique Beauty of the All-Black ‘Goth Chicken’

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the black beauty of poultry, the Ayam Cemeni chicken! A rare breed from Indonesia, this chicken is as beautiful as it is mysterious looking. It truly has the perfect exotic vibe to it.


Indeed, it’s not just the feathers that boast a striking black hue. Every aspect of the bird, both internally and externally, is immersed in darkness. From its onyx feet to its metallic plumage, the bird exudes an intense blackness. Even its internal organs share this remarkable trait, embodying a truly extraordinary and mysterious creature.


This extraordinary phenomenon is attributed to a genetic mutation known as fibromelanosis, which causes an excess of melanin to permeate the bird’s tissues. Remarkably, this condition doesn’t compromise the chicken’s overall health.

The process occurs during the chick’s embryonic development, resulting in the bird being born entirely black, from its feathers to its internal organs.


According to 12th-century Japanese folklore, the black chicken held a revered status as a bird reserved for the elite class.


This charcoal-colored chicken is believed to bring health and power, making it a cherished symbol of good luck and fortune.

For those visiting Indonesia, catching a glimpse of this remarkable chicken is a must-do experience.


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