Discover the Adorable Pygmy Marmoset: The World’s Smallest Monkey!

Weighing less than an apple, pygmy marmosets are the tiniest monkeys on Earth. They possess the remarkable ability to leap over 30 times their body length across the treetops in the Amazon jungle.


Pygmy Marmosets are indeed the smallest monkeys in the world, and here at Adelaide Zoo, we are fortunate to be home to five of these pint-sized primates!


Marmie, the oldest Pygmy Marmoset, was born in 2002 in the UK and arrived at Adelaide Zoo in 2006. Marmie prefers to hang out alone and observe what his keepers are up to. Sultanas are his favorite treat! His companion is Eva, born in October 2015.


Marmie and Eva can be challenging to spot as they are very small. Therefore, standing quietly and patiently waiting for them to move will give you the best chance of viewing them.


The Pygmy Marmoset is native to the rainforests of the western Amazon basin in South America. These miniature monkeys inhabit lowland, tropical evergreen forests, frequently found in areas such as river floodplains.

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It’s the smallest monkey in the world and can fit comfortably in an adult’s hand, with an average weight of less than 120 grams! They’re a strange but adorable-looking monkey with squirrel-like hands and feet, a long mane of hair around their face, and a tail that is longer than its body. Their tiny bodies are covered with orange-brown fur that can sometimes have a greenish tinge! Despite their size, Pygmy Marmosets can leap up to five meters!


Pygmy Marmosets live in small family groups, and females can have twins twice a year. Baby marmosets are no bigger than a human thumb!

Their food of choice is tree sap, so it’s fortunate that they’re perfectly designed with claw-like nails and elongated incisor teeth to gouge holes into trees, allowing the sap to seep from within.


Pygmy Marmosets are still abundant in the wild, but they do encounter threats such as habitat loss and the pet trade.


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