Chic and Stunning: 22 Mesmerizing Silver Nail Designs

Silver is a color everyone knows about, and anyone who has tried them knows how beautiful they are on outfits.

Silver nails are a must if you love your nails shiny and beautiful. Not many people know the best designs to use, and that’s why I’m here to show you the best shapes and designs for this color.

Today, we’re bringing you some of the best and most artistic silver nail designs for you to pick. Watch till the end, and you’ll thank me later.


Source: @madisondoesnailart

These nails are nicely shaped and very lovely. Get yourself well-shaped nails, and you won’t ever regret it.


Source: Instagram

Who says you need designs on nails to make them look beautiful? You don’t need designs if the nails are this shiny. If you love almond-shaped designs, then you’ll love this.


Source: @charsgelnails_

Nails with glitter come with a different kind of beauty. These nails are shiny, and you’ll love them.


Source: @amanda.sudolll

Mixing colors is another way to make your nails look pretty and stand out. winter nails have beautiful square shapes, and you’ll love them.


Source: @mairajnails

Combining different designs on nails is the best. If you love shiny designs, then you’ll love this style.


Source: @merlin_nails

Matte colors always come out nice. If you like glassy and expensive designs, then this will be for you.


Source: Jenna

Get yourself these shiny and short nails and you’ll love them.


Source: Instagram

The color itself is shiny, adding glitter to them and bringing another level of beauty. If you love medium-sized design, then this is for you.


Source: nails.klaudiachochrek.

These shiny nails are everything. Get yourself a good combination and you won’t regret it. These nails are beautiful and well-shaped.


Source:  thegigijiggles

Almond-shaped nails are always pretty and these nails say it all.


Source:  @victorianatdha

If you want to look expensive then this is where you should be. How would you like to look luxurious with little money spent? These nails will bring you that.


Source: retro_nailbar

This design has three different colors. It’s not easy to make multiple colors look nice but these nails are an exception.


Source: @orly

These nails are very long and shiny. If you’ve never tried them long then you’re missing out. These are long and gorgeous.




Source: tiffanyabigailebeauty

These shiny, medium-sized nails are great with shiny outfits and outfits with a lot of colors.


Source: @nailsbymonka


Source: Matuszewsk.a

Try this matte design and you’ll love it. I also love how beautiful the French tip nail design is.



This square design is shiny and beautiful. These designs are on another level.


Source: sansungnail

This French tip design is stylish and classy. If you like French tip design with glitter then you’re in the best place.


Source: @merlin_nails


Source: @nailsby_avril

These two color combinations look beautiful and professional. The almond shape also contributes to its beauty.


Source: isa_bela2709

Funny how every design in this post has glitters, I guess a lot of people prefer silver nails with glitter on them.

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