Captivating Monochromatic Tattoos Crafted with Myriad Tiny Dots

Black and White Tattoos by Velco

Body art is a way for people to express their own personal style. While some like colorful watercolor tattoos, others prefer black and white designs. Montreal-based artist Velco creates striking grayscale tattoos that are composed of numerous dots.

These minimalist-style pieces range from adorable animals to mysterious landscapes enclosed within arch-shaped frames. Each of these pieces fuses Velco’s aesthetic with the individual wishes of the client. “My main inspiration when drawing has been aroused by my feelings, thoughts, and experiences that I find myself living at the moment as well as from the conversations that I’ve had the pleasure to share with my clients,” he explains to My Modern Met. “I try my best to integrate these conversations, ideas, and feelings into the grainy compositions I’ve been creating.”

Velco creates a sense of dimension in his tattoos by arranging the dots according to the shade of gray—producing areas of light and shadow. “When tattooed, the dotwork effect on the skin gives me the feel of the vintage, grainy texture in images captured with a film camera, which I believe provides the viewer with a soothing sensation and a unique way of seeing into my own reality,” Velco adds.

You can find out how to book an appointment with Velco through his Instagram and find prints of his work via Velours’ website.

Montreal-based tattoo artist Velco creates beautiful grayscale body art.

Black and White Tattoos by Velco

Black and White Tattoos by Velco

These black and white tattoos are composed of numerous dots.

Black and White Tattoos by Velco

Black and White Tattoos by Velco

Black and White Tattoos by Velco

Through his dotwork, the artist creates grainy images of animals, architecture, landscapes, and more.

Black and White Tattoos by Velco

Black and White Tattoos by Velco

Black and White Tattoos by Velco

Black and White Tattoos by Velco

Velco: Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Velco.

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