55 Totoro Tattoo Ideas: Symbolism and Creative Designs

Imagine wearing a symbol that transports you to a world of whimsy, wonder, and warmth. Welcome to the charming allure of the Totoro tattoo. “My Neighbor Totoro,” the 1988 Japanese animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki, has not only become an iconic Studio Ghibli feature but also a cultural phenomenon. Its titular character, Totoro, with its wide eyes and cuddly figure, has etched itself into the hearts of millions. For many, a Totoro tattoo is not just a piece of art; it serves as a cherished talisman. It’s also a fragment of one’s childhood, a tribute to the enchanting stories that have sculpted countless dreams. Let’s delve into the world of Totoro tattoos, a trend that continues to captivate fans of the film and anime tattoos alike.

Three totoros walking with cherry blossom tattoo

Three totoros walking with cherry blossom tattoo

Imagine a scene straight from a spring day in Japan: three Totoros, perhaps representing different stages of life, meandering along a path lined with cherry blossoms. This tattoo design is a perfect narrative of growth, companionship, and the transient beauty of life. It’s a great way to symbolize personal development or the bond between siblings or friends.

Minimalist Totoro Tattoos

For enthusiasts of sleek designs, minimalist tattoos are a perfect choice. These tattoos strip the concept down to its essence—simple lines, basic shapes, and a monochromatic palette. This style captures Totoro’s silhouette or a notable feature like his wide eyes or grin. Minimalist tattoos are versatile. They can be discrete for the professional environment. They can be bold and graphic, a statement piece that’s as modern as it is nostalgic.

Minimalist two totoros tattoo

Small Totoro outline ankle tattoo

Minimalist Totoro tattoo

Totoro and Jiji with Soot Sprites tattoo

Totoro and Jiji with Soot Sprites tattoo

Combine two Ghibli classics by bringing Totoro and Jiji, the savvy black cat from “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” together. This tattoo is a crossover made in heaven for Ghibli fans, a true celebration of the studio’s universe. It’s a whimsical, playful design that’s bound to turn heads and spark conversations.

Totoro and rose tattoo

Totoro and rose tattoo

A Totoro and rose tattoo is a fusion of nature and fantasy. The rose, often a symbol of love and passion, pairs beautifully with the innocence and joy Totoro brings. This design can be a tribute to a loved one or a reminder to find beauty in everyday life. It’s an elegant, romantic choice for anyone who wants their ink to tell a story of affection.

Totoro with umbrella in chrysanthemum tattoo

Totoro with umbrella in chrysanthemum tattoo

Totoro, the gentle giant, clutching a leaf-umbrella is nestled among chrysanthemums. This tattoo design is a stunning blend of Japanese culture and Ghibli charm. The chrysanthemum, often associated with longevity and rejuvenation, complements Totoro’s timeless appeal. This design is perfect for someone looking to make a bold statement with cultural depth.

Black and white totoro tattoo

Black and white totoro tattoo

For those who appreciate the classics, a black and white Totoro tattoo is a must. Stripping away the colors takes none of the character’s charm, instead, it adds a touch of elegance and simplicity.

Totoro and Snorlax tattoo on thigh

Totoro and Snorlax tattoo on thigh

What do you get when you combine Totoro with Snorlax, the sleepy Pokémon? A tattoo that’s brimming with laid-back vibes and a touch of humor. Placing it on the thigh offers ample space for these two chunky icons to coexist. This tattoo is perfect for gamers and anime fans alike, celebrating a love for all things cozy and chill.

Totoro holding a bowl eating tattoo

Totoro holding a bowl eating tattoo

For the foodies out there, Totoro holding a bowl and eating is an adorable tattoo choice. It captures the character’s childlike wonder and delight in simple pleasures. Whether he’s munching on acorns or a bowl of ramen, this design is both cute and reflective of the joy found in the little things.

Totoro in grass tattoo

Totoro in grass tattoo

A Totoro in grass is like a snapshot of the character in its natural habitat. The grass elements can be stylized or realistic, adding a layer of texture and depth to the design. It’s an ode to nature and the calm, soothing presence of Totoro. This tattoo is for those who want to carry a piece of serenity with them.

Totoro matching tattoo

Totoro matching tattoo

Matching tattoos are a profound way to connect with someone. And what better design than Totoro to symbolize a shared journey or friendship? Whether it’s with a sibling, partner, or best friend, a Totoro matching tattoo is a sweet testament to a special bond. You can go for identical Totoros or complementary designs that tell a story when together.

Totoro with an umbrella in the rain tattoo

Totoro with an umbrella in the rain tattoo

There’s something magical about Totoro with an umbrella in the rain. It’s a scene that epitomizes comfort in the midst of solitude. This tattoo design is atmospheric, capturing a moment of peace amidst the chaos of life. It’s a beautiful choice for anyone who finds solace in the sound of rain and the presence of a gentle guardian

Totoro with peony tattoo on forearm

Totoro with peony tattoo on forearm

The peony, with its lush petals and association with wealth and honor in Eastern art, pairs gorgeously with the simplicity of Totoro. This design is a visual feast, a combination of intricate detail and iconic imagery. The forearm is an excellent stage for this tattoo, offering a daily reminder of the beauty and strength these symbols represent.

Chibi Totoro

Chibi Totoro tattoos are the epitome of charm. These pint-sized versions of our beloved forest spirit pack a whole lot of personality in a tiny frame. Perfect for those who love a dash of adorable with their ink, Chibi Totoros bring a smile to anyone who catches a glimpse. With their exaggerated features and playful poses, they’re a quirkier, more lighthearted take on the classic Totoro image, ideal for an ankle, wrist, or behind-the-ear placement.

Chibi totoro outline ankle tattoo

Chibi totoro outline tattoo

Chibi totoro and Susuwatari tattoo

Feminine Totoro Tattoos

Feminine Totoro tattoos take the spirit of the forest and wrap it in elegance. Picture Totoro amidst a cascade of cherry blossoms or framed by a moonlit sky. These designs often incorporate softer lines, pastel colors, and elements like flowers or stars, creating a tattoo that is both striking and delicate. They’re a love letter to the gentle giant of Ghibli, tailored for those who want to blend their admiration for Totoro with a touch of feminine flair.

Feminine My Neighbor Totoro tattoo

Feminine Totoro arm tattoo

Three Totoros Walking

The iconic scene of the three Totoros walking hand-in-hand is a favorite for fans. This design is all about camaraderie and the simple joys of companionship. The trio of Totoro sizes—big, medium, and small—come together in a tattoo that tells a story all on its own. Usually, they’re set up so that they look like they’re in the middle of a march, following your body’s natural shapes. This way of making art makes you feel like these well-known characters are moving through a live landscape, telling a moving story on your skin. It’s a design that speaks to the heart of the Ghibli ethos, adventure, and the magic of the everyday.

Three totoros walking with Soot Sprites tattoo on upper back

Three totoros walking with Soot Sprites tattoo

Dainty Three totoros walking tattoo

Three totoros walking outline forearm tattoo

Totoro and Calcifer

When Totoro meets Calcifer, you get a tattoo that’s a crossover hit. This combination brings together two of Ghibli’s most loved characters from different stories—’My Neighbor Totoro’ and ‘Howl’s Moving Castle.’ A Totoro and Calcifer tattoo symbolizes the warmth of home and the protective spirit of the forest. Often depicted with Calcifer’s flames gently illuminating Totoro’s wide-eyed wonder, it’s a design that’s both heartwarming and visually striking.

Ghibli Totoro and Calcifer matching tattoo above ankles

Minimalist Totoro and Calcifer tattoo

Totoro and Catbus

The Totoro and Catbus tattoo is a nod to one of the most memorable moments in animation history. This design often depicts the Catbus in mid-leap with Totoro aboard, a perfect representation of the film’s whimsical energy. It’s a dynamic design, great for a larger canvas like the thigh or back. This tattoo encapsulates the thrill of the unknown and the joy of the journey, making it a powerful choice for those who live life on the move.

Totoro and Catbus side thigh tattoo

Totoro and Catbus with leaves back tattoo

Totoro and Mei

A Totoro and Mei tattoo captures the pure essence of friendship and innocence. Imagine the wide-eyed wonder of little Mei, hand in hand with the gentle giant Totoro. Whether it’s Mei’s laughter as she perches atop Totoro’s belly or their shared moment under the camphor tree, these designs celebrate the joyous bonds that tie us together. It’s a snapshot of childhood exuberance, a perfect pick for those who treasure their inner child.

Totoro and Mei tattoo

Totoro with Mei and Satsuki tattoo

Mei and Satsuki with totoro tattoo

Totoro and No Face

Merge the mystical silence of No Face from “Spirited Away” with the playful spirit of Totoro, and you’ve got a Totoro and No Face tattoo that speaks volumes about the dichotomy of life. It’s a visual storytelling masterpiece that juxtaposes Totoro’s comforting presence with No Face’s mysterious aura. This design is a bold statement, ideal for the introspective soul who finds beauty in the balance of contrasts.

No Face and Totoro holding lotus and leaf tattoo

Totoro with umbrella and No Face tattoo

Totoro and Susuwatari

The delightful soot sprites, or Susuwatari, are a whimsical addition to any Totoro tattoo. These tiny, coal-like creatures add a sprinkle of Ghibli magic to the design, creating a playful scene that seems to come alive on the skin. A Totoro and Susuwatari tattoo is like a pocketful of Ghibli’s charm, a little reminder that magic can be found in the smallest of moments.

Totoro and Susuwatari with flower tattoo on forearm

Totoro holding flowers with Susuwatari tattoo

Totoro with Susuwatari and flowers thigh tattoo

Totoro and Susuwatari bicep tattoo

Totoro with Leaf

Totoro with a leaf over his head is the iconic image of care and protection. This tattoo design is often minimalist yet full of meaning, showcasing Totoro’s gentle nature. The leaf, sometimes oversized, sometimes just right, represents the shelter we find in unexpected places. It’s a comforting image, perfect for those seeking a symbol of refuge and the simple joys of life.

Realistic Totoro with leaf tattoo

Totoro and Soot Sprites with leaf tattoo

Totoro with leaf tattoo black and grey

Watercolor three Totoros with leaf tattoo on forearm

Chibi Totoro and Susuwatari with leaf tattoo

Chibi Totoro with leaf tattoo

Totoro with Stars

Look up to the night sky with a Totoro with stars tattoo. This design often features Totoro gazing at a starry expanse or playfully interacting with the celestial bodies. It’s about wonder, curiosity, and the boundless dreams that lie within us. A star-studded Totoro is ideal for dreamers, stargazers, and anyone who refuses to let go of the magic that dances in the night sky.

Traditional Totoro with flower and stars tattoo

Two Totoro with stars tattoo

Totoro with Umbrella

The Totoro with an umbrella tattoo is a beacon of resilience and comfort. Whether it’s a leaf or a traditional umbrella, Totoro stands strong against the rain, a guardian against life’s storms. This design resonates with those who appreciate Totoro’s protective essence, offering a visual reminder that we all have a silent guardian looking out for us, come rain or shine.

Totoro with umbrella inner forearm tattoo

Totoro with umbrella line work tattoo

Totoro with umbrella tattoo black and grey

Totoro with umbrella and flower tattoo

Placement and Size Considerations

So you’ve decided to bring a piece of the tranquil Studio Ghibli forest to life on your skin. The next big question is: where should Totoro make its home on your body? The placement of your tattoo can say as much as the design itself. Here’s a look at some common Totoro tattoo locales.

Shoulder Blade

The shoulder blade is like a hidden meadow waiting for Totoro to settle down. It’s the perfect place for a larger piece, giving you enough room to include Totoro in all its glory. A tattoo on the shoulder blade sits discreetly beneath your clothing, keeping Totoro your little secret. It’s a personal joy that’s yours to reveal whenever you decide the moment is right. Plus, there’s something pretty cool about having Totoro watch your back, literally.

Chibi totoro shoulder blade tattoo

Upper Arm

If you’re looking for a spot that’s easy to show off but can still be covered up for certain occasions, the upper arm is your go-to. It’s a classic spot that speaks to the bold and the proud. Sleeve up, and Totoro is there to strike up conversations. Sleeve down, and it’s your little secret. The upper arm’s natural contours also make for a dynamic backdrop for your Ghibli-inspired ink.

Playful Totoro upper arm tattoo


The foot is a quirky, fun spot for a Totoro tattoo that says you’re walking the path of whimsy. It’s a bit more discreet, allowing you to keep Totoro as your personal companion wherever you go. When you kick off your shoes, it’s like inviting others into your own slice of the Ghibli universe. Just remember.

Three Totoros foot tattoo


A wrist tattoo is perfect for those who prefer a smaller, more delicate tribute to Totoro. It’s there, right in your line of sight. And it can bring a smile on a dreary day or a moment of calm in a hectic one. With a flick of the wrist, you can share your love for Totoro with the world or keep it understated, just for you.

Three totoros wrist tattoo


Ankle tattoos are all about subtlety with a punch. It’s a playful spot that says you’re serious about your love for Totoro without needing to shout it from the rooftops. Paired with a pair of cool socks or peeking out from under your jeans, a Totoro ankle tattoo adds a touch of unexpected charm to your look.

Totoro with umbrella ankle tattoo

Ear Tattoo

If you’re into the idea of a tattoo that’s more ‘heard’ than seen, consider an ear tattoo. Totoro can tuck behind your ear, peek out from the lobe, or even climb along the cartilage. It’s a hip choice that’s perfect for those who want their tattoos to be a little secret, shared only with those who come close enough to hear the leaves rustle.

Totoro ear tattoo


The forearm is a prime real estate for a Totoro tattoo. It’s right there, front and center, impossible to miss. This placement is especially great for those who see their tattoo as a piece of wearable art. Whether you go for a sleeve, a small cameo, or anything in between, your forearm ensures Totoro is always in your sight and part of your daily interactions.

Totoro forearm tattoo


For a more intimate and personal placement, the thigh is your canvas. It’s a great place for a larger, detailed Totoro tattoo and remains covered most of the time, making it a special surprise for when you choose to reveal it. Whether you’re at the beach or just lounging around, a thigh tattoo is a personal nod to your favorite forest spirit.

Totoro thigh tattoo


The Totoro tattoo is a unique emblem of the enduring appeal of “My Neighbor Totoro.” It’s a way for fans to keep a piece of their beloved film close and to showcase their personal connection to the character. Totoro tattoos serve as a form of self-expression, a tribute to the magic of Studio Ghibli, and a piece of personal nostalgia that can be carried through the journey of life.

As the ink settles into the skin, it becomes more than just a tattoo—it becomes a part of one’s story, a talking point, and a source of joy. For many, it’s a reminder of the simpler times of childhood, the wonders of imagination, and the importance of friendship and kindness. In a world that often demands so much of us, a Totoro tattoo can be a small rebellion—an assertion of the values we hold dear, and a celebration of the stories that continue to inspire and comfort us.

So, whether you’re considering a full-back masterpiece, a discreet ankle design, or anything in between, a Totoro tattoo is more than just body art. It’s a commitment to carry apiece of the Ghibli universe through ink, a daily reminder of the magic that lies in the quiet moments, and the unspoken bond between nature, spirits, and the human heart. It’s your personal whisper of the wind in the trees, the rustle of leaves, and the silent roar of a friendly forest giant. Embrace the enchantment, and let Totoro take you on a journey that lasts a lifetime.

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