40 Chic Black and White Nail Designs for a Modern Monochromatic Manicure


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Black and white is a classic and timeless combination and that is totally true when it comes to nail designs too. If you are looking for a design for your next manicure that is classic, elegant and has a bit of elegance to it, then you might want to take a look at the stunning black and white nail designs that have been compiled in this post…

What people don’t realize is how much fun you can have with black and white. A monochromatic palette can make even the most basic designs look much more interesting, don’t you think? There is something very striking about a good black and white design.

There are many ways to create a good black and white nail look, and many designs to experiment with. But one thing I have noticed is that black and white nail designs look great and even stand out more in the more minimalist or simple designs. You can still go for whatever design you want, there are no rules when it comes to nails, it’s all about expression!

40 Stunning Black and White Nail Designs for a Trendy Monochrome Manicure


Instagram: @heluviee

Starting the list off strong with a classic, you really can’t go wrong with a French tip manicure. And black and white just adds a little more to the classic nail design and makes it more interesting.


Instagram: @heluviee

Alternating black and white swirl nails. This is such a cute nail design, alternating nail colors can be cheesy but these really work great. The monochrome scheme totally enhances the manicure.


Instagram: @heluviee

A black French manicure with a simple white outline . This is a simple nail design that somehow manages to scream classy too. It’s totally the almond nail shape combined with the simple and cute French tip design that makes it look so elegant yet modern and cute.


Instagram: @peachinails

Monochrome snake print nail designs . This is definitely a manicure to obsess over! Snake print for nails is always great, but I think black and white takes the unique yet modern design to the next level.


Instagram: @fasia.uñas

Black french tip nails with white swirl . So this is taking a classic manicure and adding a twist to it, a fun, swirly twist. And of course with this fantastic combination of contrasting colors the manicure will look spectacular.


Instagram: @xnailsbymol

Almond-shaped nails are already pretty enough on their own, but combined with a stunning black and white abstract nail design like this one, you’ll get a set to die for!


Instagram: @vivianmariewong

A clean, alternating black and white inverted French tip nail design . The reverse French tip is a nail trend that has really exploded in recent years and for good reason. It looks especially good when combined with the traditional French nail design that we all know and love. When you transform the nail design to black and white, it looks so minimalist, clean and stunning…


Instagram: @phoebesummernails

Black French nails with flower design . You can really do a lot with a French tip design. It really doesn’t have to be the same classic every time. If you want to change it up, mix a pretty floral design on your tips for a cute and fun touch.


Instagram: @phoebesummernails

Nail art with black daisies on white nails . This is one of those incredibly cute nail designs that are cute without being too loud. The black daisies on the white base are everything!


instagram: @uñas.antofigueroa

Alternating zebra print nails . Who doesn’t love zebra print? When it comes to nail designs, it’s definitely a pattern that needs to be done more often, it’s so cute! It’s definitely the obvious choice when you’re thinking about getting a black and white manicure.


Instagram: @aimeestokesbeauty

Nail design with black and white swirl lines . This is such a cute and minimalist nail design, totally perfect for when you don’t want to do too much with your nails but still want a cute and eye-catching manicure.


Instagram: @amanda.sudolll

Black French tips on white base with pearls . An easy way to totally transform a basic manicure (not that there’s anything basic about this one!) is to simply add some little pearls. They are so cute and take a manicure like this to the next level…


Instagram: @lightslacquer

Simple black and white nail design . You can’t go wrong with a simple nail design like this. Can’t decide if you want an all black manicure or an all white manicure? Just do both! Combine both colors in a single nail design. The contrast of the two colors is always beautiful, especially in a simple design like this.


Instagram: @aimeestokesbeauty

Almond upside down French tip nail design . I love the trend of upside down french nails. It’s a relatively new trend but it’s popular for good reason. I mean, first of all, it puts a twist on the old French design, but it’s also a very cute and simple design.


Instagram: @divstips

Black French nails with flower decoration on the two middle fingers . You can’t go wrong with a cute flower nail design, even in monochrome. In fact, black and white makes the design much more interesting, right?


Instagram: @peachinails

White almond nails with little black hearts . Another nail design that you literally can’t go wrong with is the small heart nail design. Whatever color or nail shape you choose, this will always be one of those super cute designs that you can’t go wrong with.


Instagram: @aimeestokesbeauty

Almond nails with black and white flowers . Phew, you can’t go wrong with a nail design that has flowers in it. They always end up so beautiful. You literally can’t go wrong with a flower nail design, I assure you!


Instagram: @peachinails

Black wavy flowers on white nails . This is the kind of crazy nail design that you can’t help but fall in love with. It’s unique, fun and crazy. Definitely a nail design to try if you are looking for something different and totally fun.


Instagram: @karin.nailedit

Black and white checkered nails. You can really do a lot with the French tip design, and a checkerboard design on the tips is just a new way to change it up from the classic design. You can’t get mad about that. It’s such a cute design.


Instagram: @gloss_la

Abstract black lines on white nail tips. There is something that draws a lot of attention about an abstract nail design like this. It is a simple design but also very interesting to look at.


Instagram: @nailsbysmf

French tip nails half black, half white . This is another unique way to change basic French. You can’t go wrong with black and white for this specific design, it just works.


Instagram: @pressedbycharlotte_

Black and White Coffin Nails … Long coffin nails are the best! And with black and white colors they are absolutely stunning!


Instagram: @nailsbysmf

Black and white cow print nails . I mean, if you’re going to do black and white nails, you might as well do cow print, right? I’ll never understand how the cow print trend came about, but one thing you can’t deny is how cute it is.


Instagram: @vivianmariewong

This manicure is a mix of nail designs and that is what makes it stand out. The best part about a nail design like this is that you can choose any nail art you want and mix and match it in a monochromatic color scheme and make it look eccentric yet elegant.


Instagram: @@traciethetech

This nail design is a little different, but in the best way. With such gorgeous alternating designs on black and white French tips, this is great inspiration to save and show to your nail technician.


Instagram: @kxreencosmetics

French nails of square shape in black and white with dotted outline . The dotted outline after a French tip is a nail design I wish more people did, it’s such a cute design that not many people seem to try.


Instagram: @alyshanailartist

French monochrome lines design . Isn’t this such a beautiful and unique design? The French design with black and white lines is like those illusions that make you not look away from the design, right?


Instagram: @vivianmariewong

Alternating black and white French nails with a swirl design . I’m always so obsessed with these types of nail designs just because of how cute and fun they can be. This one is so beautiful in the monochromatic colors.


Instagram: @nicolaelizabethmua

Black and white zebra print nails . This is another way to style zebra print nail art, pairing it with an alternating black and white French tip design to keep with the whole Zebra aesthetic.


instagram: @sansungnails

French tip nails in black with a white outline and some little doodles of hearts . There is always something very pretty about a black French tip with a white outline. I think we’ve firmly established that any nail design that combines just the two colors is very eye-catching.


Instagram: @fasia.uñas

A nail design with black and white hearts . Cute, right? The kind of manicure you could see yourself choosing for Valentine’s Day. But why leave hearts alone for that day? We all need a lot of cuteness in our lives, that’s why these nails are perfect. Especially if you want a man who still has the cuteness of a heart design but is more discreet than the typical red or pink.


Instagram: @nailss_paradise

Cow print nails with french tips . Clearly, cow print nails are pretty cute as is, but you can change them up a bit by adding some black French tip nails to blend in with the cute cow design.


Instagram: @pressedbycharlotte_

Abstract black and white tips . When it comes to black and white, abstract designs seem to work very well. The good thing about this fact is that you know many directions you can take. It is definitely a color combination that you can exercise your creativity in depending on the type of manicure you want.

3. 4.

Instagram: @nailsbysmf

Abstract black and white nail design . This design reminds me of what an animator’s design of an abstract tattoo would be. Other than that, this design is unique, artistic, the kind of nail design you do if you’re in the mood for something bold and fun.


Instagram: @gelsbybry

Upside down French nails alternating with little hearts . Maybe a manicure idea for Valentine’s Day? But who doesn’t like little hearts? You can do them whenever you want, a nail design as cute as this one doesn’t have to be limited only to those vacations.


Instagram: @monika__nails

Almond mailers with alternating reverse French design . Reverse French tips are clearly such a cute design that you can’t go wrong with them, especially when you keep the design minimal like this! And to give the manicure a special touch, you can use a shiny black to add something extra to the look.


Instagram: @rrilinails

Nail design with black and white dots . Black and white nails are pretty enough on their own, but you can take a nail design to the next level with a dot print like these stunning nails.


Instagram: @amanda.sudolll

Alternating white and black nails with an outline . This is a unique version of the alternating nail design. It’s definitely not what you’d normally expect from a design like this, but it’s definitely impressive.


Instagram: @nailedxthalia

Long coffin french nails with flower design . If you love a good long nail design, this one is for you and the beauty of a style like this is that you can literally wear it on any nail shape or size you want.


Instagram: @pressedbycharlotte_

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