120+ Fashionable and Beautiful Toe Nail Designs Suitable for Every Girl’s Style

I. What is a pedicure?

Pedicure and pedicure how to beautify toenails to become more luxurious and attractive. Not only at parties or important events, even during daily activities, a beautiful set of toenails will make you confident and stand out in every detail.


II. The most popular beautiful toenail designs

1. Beautiful red toenail design

Bright red represents luck and dark red is a symbol of charm, so this color tone is popular with many women. You just need to apply a simple layer of red paint to stand out and impress.


2. Beautiful, gentle toenail design

Simple, gentle colors are usually neutral or light shades. These nail designs are diverse but generally bring a pleasant feeling and are easy to coordinate styles.


3. Beautiful blue toenail design

Blue is one of the most popular colors. In particular, classic blue is trendy, so there’s no reason not to try wearing this color.


4. Beautiful black toenail design

Black symbolizes mystery, mystery and gives girls a unique personality. This color can be combined with many diverse designs to help decorate your feet more prominently and impressively.


5. Beautiful white toenail design

White brings elegance and sophistication. With bright shades, this is an easy-to-coordinate nail design, suitable for all skin types regardless of white or dark skin.


6. Beautiful toenail designs with stones

Stone-encrusted toenails give you an extremely gorgeous and luxurious look. Your legs will become extremely prominent and attractive, adding to your style.


7. Beautiful blue toenail design

Blue is one of the most beautiful colors and is loved by many people. This nail design combined with additional patterns will create many styles, making you stand out and more attractive.


8. Beautiful, luxurious toenail design

Luxurious toenails are a beauty trend loved by women. This set of nails has a luxurious beauty, showing the class and nobility of the ladies.


9. Beautiful toenails for the beach

If you really need to stand out and be confident on your outing, you can try out vibrant, impressive contrasting nail designs.


10. Beautiful pink toenail design

Pink always represents feminine and gentle girls. You can alternate and combine more patterns to make your nail set more vivid and eye-catching.


11. Beautiful turquoise toenail design

Turquoise brings an elegant, novel beauty but is quite picky about skin tones. Turquoise nail designs always make girls stand out and shine confidently.


12. Beautiful brown toenail design

Brown gives you a seductive, impressive and slightly mysterious and luxurious fashion style. Brown nail designs are often more durable than other tones.


13. Simple beautiful toenail designs

These toenail designs are often a simple combination of colors and patterns but enough to bring attraction to your style.


14. Beautiful toenail designs for dark skin

To have beautiful toenails suitable for dark skin, you can choose colors that match your skin tone or confidently choose outstanding paint colors. Girls who like youthfulness and dynamism can refer to plain nail designs painted in red, white, earthy colors… combined with striped patterns, studded with stones, flowers…


15. Beautiful yellow toenail design

Yellow is the ideal choice for people who always want to be unconventional and prefer a dynamic style. With this beautiful nail style, you can combine different colors and patterns when using it.


16. Beautiful toenail designs for summer

Summer is the ideal opportunity for you to explore and experience yourself, so try out unique, fancy, trend-catching toenail designs that are extremely chic and personal without limiting color tones.


17. Beautiful toenail designs for Tet

Tet is the right occasion for you to wear a new and even a little sophisticated style. Red will be the ideal choice, suitable for the Tet atmosphere and bringing luck for the new year.


18. Beautiful little flower toenail design

Cute little flower patterns will bring a gentle, gentle feeling but no less impressive and unique, especially when combined with contrasting, vibrant colors.


19. Beautiful toenail designs for dairy cows

This nail design always impresses with its funny, lovely and mischievous features. You can be creative with many different ways to create a unique, impressive style.


20. Beautiful gray toenail design

Gray often makes people think of dark, sad and picky colors, but on the contrary, it extremely exaggerates luxurious and modern beauty, which also contains the elegance and maturity of the person. women.


21. Beautiful green toenail design

Green is suitable for stylish and attractive women and is also chosen by many women. You can vary it into different styles to suit your preferences.


22. Beautiful purple toenail design

Purple has been a fever for a long time and still shows no signs of cooling down. Purple has a wide color spectrum, from gentle, sweet pastel colors to warm, passionate colors and even dark, mysterious, seductive, and luxurious colors.


23. Beautiful stone-patterned toenails

Stone-patterned toenails have many diverse and colorful designs. This model has many outstanding motifs arranged on the nails to create attraction for people around.


24. Beautiful mother-of-pearl toenail design

The mother-of-pearl light creates an attractive look for girls, changing their style on occasions like going out and traveling.


25. Beautiful ombre toenail design

Ombre is a harmonious blend of two tones, giving you youthfulness, personality and extreme fashion, a priority choice for many women in beauty.


26. Rough toenail model

Matte paint has no shine, so it truly depicts the color you choose. These nail designs are often stronger and more durable.


27. Beautiful orange toenail design

Earth orange symbolizes passion and seduction. This nail design brings strange attraction and mystery, making your skin even whiter and more elegant.


28. Beautiful checkered toenail design

The checkered pattern is a delicate, harmonious combination, bringing a luxurious highlight to your feet. This nail design has many diverse variations to suit the personality and preferences of many girls, making them more feminine and lovely.


29. Glitter toenail model

Beautiful shimmering colors help you show your class anywhere. This color combined with an evening dress will make you stand out, attracting all eyes.


30. Beautiful pastel toenail designs

Pastel tones bring a feminine, sweet look. You can combine emulsion, pattern, stone embellishments or simply apply matte paint to make your legs more elegant and attractive.


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