10 strange animals you may not know

1. Indian purple frog


As the name suggests, this is a frog found in India, in the mountains of the Western Ghats. They look nothing like the normal frogs you see every day, especially because of their purple color. In addition, their bodies are very clumsy, largely due to their living habits: they spend most of their time hiding underground to find food, and only emerge for one to two weeks during the breeding season.

Because of its color, shape and “reclusive” lifestyle, it is very difficult to see this frog.

2. Sail jellyfish (Velella)


Sail jellyfish are a family of jellyfish that float on the sea surface, and have characteristic blue fins. They eat small fish, larvae and plankton, and are not harmful to humans.

3. Star-nosed mole


Living in North America, this species of mole is famous for its flared, star-shaped nose. They use this nose with 22 “tentacles” to sniff their way and hunt for prey.

4. Hairless mole rats


A species of rat from western Africa, they are hairless and have not very sensitive skin. This characteristic helps them survive better in harsh environmental conditions in Africa.

5. Aye-Aye Monkey


After sunset in Madagascar, these Aye-aye monkeys will appear. They are nocturnal animals, with large ears and rat-like teeth. After scouting tree trunks to find insects, they will use their teeth to bite through the bark and stick their long, sharp fingers in to dig out the insects to eat.

6. Hooded seal


This species of seal only lives in the Central and North Atlantic, with a bulging head as if wearing a hood. They will inflate this hood through their nasal cavities, and keep making this hood inflate and deflate continuously to communicate and warn other hooded seals of danger.

7. Blue-footed Booby bird


This booby bird is named for its easily recognizable blue legs. This blue color is due to green pigments from carotenoids in their food, and is concentrated in the legs.

8. Uakari Monkey


Living in the tropical forests of the northwestern Amazon, the Uakari monkey has a red face and looks like a skull. Another recognizable feature of this species is that its tail is shorter than that of other monkeys, because they often jump to jump branches.

9. Dumbo Octopus


The Dumbo Octopus is so named because its two fins look like ears standing up on its head. Living at a depth of 3 to 4 km under the ocean, this octopus is only 30cm long.

10. Antelope… floating (Cloud Antelope)


This animal is truly special and looks like something out of a fairy tale – and yes, this is just an artistic masterpiece to… fool the online audience!

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